The complexity and the many variables in demanding delivery cycles as we see in the health care industry (medical / pharma) can really take advantage of AI and Machine Learning where the analysis of large datasets can be used as an intelligent decision foundation.


When we put in all the data gathered over a period, we can use that data to identify patterns which again will be analyzed to improve each delivery transaction and create unprecedented quality of service. The data is also being used to make predictions on demand, so every stakeholder are automatically fully updated and can take the right decisions.

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Health care providers and their logistics/delivery service suppliers

can take advantage of DLIVER’s predictive, preemptive algorithm technology to gain timely and cost-effective advantages for forecasting/planning (eg. calculating resource needs with simulative modeling, etc.) and to help with executional/operative management, i.e. assist in optimal real-time resource allocation and provisioning, while dynamically accounting for constraints and priorities avoid errors/failures and support operational, real-time decision making.

Solving the problems with demanding requirements to handling, tracking & prediction

In situations where a vast amount of people are in home-confinement, meaning that direct-to-patient deliveries of sensitive goods (e.g. pharmaceuticals and other medical supplies, test kits, food) and services (home dialysis, blood/lab tests, doctors visits etc.) are on the rise, and are expected to reach unprecedented levels. A scenario where AI and Machine Learning can have major positive impact in planning and optimization.

DLIVER Amphorica platforms

sophisticated logic-driven “smart notifications” feature which, thanks to advanced logic formulas and algorithms, can selectively automate many sets of distinct communications and very specific messages to the many different but relevant stakeholders, throughout the healthcare delivery chain.

The Health care logistics challenges

In addition, expedited clinical trials of virus related medication and later on urgent delivery of vaccines, protective equipment, whether to pharmacies, hospitals or direct to patients’ home are expected to require providers to the best available technologies to keep the extended scope of operations (and their associated costs) under control.

Complexity vs Results

The more complex requirements the more you can gain by using AI to analyse, predict and create operational results.

Our DLIVER mobile platforms in conjunction with AI technology is a very strong solution

Automate decisions, optimize routing & planning with very little human interaction. With this solution you avoid problems & bottlenecks which will save valuable time & money in the supply chain, especially under stressed conditions.


Intelligent boxes developed for Pharma / Medical industry can communicate with the DLIVER AI platform to constantly monitor vital data

Better utilization of fleets with hardwar / sensor / mobile software

Combining software with new hardware solutions and sensors can give flexibility, save costs and create a better supply chain

Next step is autonomous deliveries…

We are working together with partners to develop autonomous robotic delivery units which are fully integrated with DLIVER AI platform.

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