The SaaS Cloud solutions DLIVER Amphorica & can identify patterns and expose inefficient behavior


Save time, resources and money optimizing each flow in your supply chain using AI


Gather and combine data from different sources and platforms to create the right decisions 


 The big data gathered from past transactions will be analyzed in DLIVER.AI framework


AI & Machine Learning to optimize your business

increased efficiency and not least more sustainable supply chains where every ressource has to be optimized creating better economy and minimize CO2 footprint significantly


The Amphorica Cloud engine combined with DLIVER.AI creates efficiency and reduced impact for our customers

by using advanced analytics & AI using Smart Algorithms for Forecasting, Trend and Pattern Detection.

Smart Algorithms suggesting optimization or preemptive/preventive intervention.

Advanced “Big-Data” Analytics as decision and planning support.

What you get from implementing AI

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning is changing industries and business’ as well  as having a positive effect on the environment and society with less impact on all transactions.

better economy

sustainable solutions with less impact

benefits all in supply chain & stake holders

more effective transportation

speed > win-win

happy customers

How we do it

Amphorica Cloud engine for analyzing, calculation & optimizations

The brainpower behind our AI solution is a complex software solution developed to model and automatically analyze, calculate and optimize in many daily tasks such as routing, bundling, timing, price suggestion, cost comparison, resource calculation, documentation, planning or similar – all to increase efficiency and give the management the right foundation for making decisions.

Tools & platform using Artificial Intelligence

We have developed several applications and platforms which can be implemented as tools in a greater solution to increase efficiency. Mobile applications, web frontend and backend as well as API’s for seamless integrating into your existing business critical systems.

Faster deliveries

An obvious benefit of using AI is quicker and more effective delivery

Reduce CO2 emissions

Any company can reduce their impact on the environment by finding the most efficient ways of doing business in supply chains

High ROI

In the end AI will create better economy and  an investment AI technology will shows is results continously over time

benefits of ai / ML

Logistics & Supply Chain can create key competitive advantages in most industries

Therefor it is vital to optimize to improve all transactions and business processes to stay ahead of competitors and 

Platforms with cases, sensors, tracking, security…

DLIVER.AI can provide solutions combining hardware technology with cloudbased software with advanced analytics & AI

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